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What is hypnotherapy?

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Hypnotherapy uses the very natural state of hypnosis to help you use your own resources to make changes to your thoughts or behaviour.  All deep-rooted behaviour and thought patterns exist in the unconscious (or deeper) part of the mind, which is normally closed off to us. 

Hypnosis is not sleep as is commonly thought, in fact it is quite the opposite.  It is a state of heightened awareness, or focused attention.  When you are engrossed in a good book, or movie, you are in a very similar state.  

Hypnosis enables the unconscious mind to be accessed, so that through suggestion, guidance, and sometimes investigative therapy, changes can be made to those behaviours or thought patterns you wish to change.  During normal consciousness, this is not possible.  Very often, even when there is a strong desire to think or behave differently, the habit or unhelpful thoughts prove too strong for us to break by willpower alone.  This explains why, for example, people who smoke and genuinely wish to quit find it so difficult to do. 

When the unconscious mind is accessed through hypnosis, therapy can be used to alter the deep-rooted thoughts and behaviours, and establish new, heathier ones.  Hypnosis can also be very effective when used to release harmful emotional pain, for example in cases of PTSD where trauma or abuse have been experienced.  It can be used to help across a wide range of problems.  Where appropriate, I will use NLP techniques in conjunction with hypnotherapy. 

If you would like to know whether hypnotherapy might be helpful for you, please contact me.

  See my FAQs for a more detailed explanation of what to expect during the session itself.