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"I found that I was lacking in the confidence and self-worth that I had previously had. I was aware of how thoughts, feelings and actions could positively and negatively affect a person’s attitudes and ability to successfully negotiate life’s challenges - I just could not fully apply this to myself. During a conversation with Mandy, she suggested that hypnosis could break down this resistance and embed these thought patterns more deeply than I could alone.

After an initial meeting where Mandy gathered background information on me and explained what I could and should not expect I had a number of sessions over the course of a month. The difference was very noticeable, very quickly. My positivity returned and I had greater confidence; my outlook was different. Mandy also included techniques that I am still able to use myself when needed".

"It's like having therapy straight into the jugular....."

"I have nothing but praise for the way in which Mandy worked with me. I felt very comfortable throughout every meeting, with Mandy maintaining an informal but professional manner. Her preparation was extremely thorough and personalised to my situation which I am sure led to the effectiveness of the hypnosis. Having gone into the process with an open mind I am very pleased that I did, and as a result I am more than happy to recommend Mandy".

"Many thanks for my hypnotherapy sessions, I can't put into words how grateful I am"

"I visited Mandy out of curiosity having no knowledge of hypnotherapy.  I chose to work on my loss of confidence with my horse riding due to accumulation of falls over a long period of time.  I was apprehensive of what would happen in the session but Mandy soon put me at ease with her calm and professional manner.  Wow, after just one session I felt like I had reconnected with my horse and was looking forward to going out rather than make excuses not to ride.  Along with some homework and two more sessions it just kept on improving and I feel like all my negative thoughts and feelings have been cleared away.  It’s amazing what we hold in our emotions that has a profound effect on our conscious mind and how we feel and behave".

"YES THE HYPNO HELPED WITH THE FLIGHT! Can’t wait to go away again now-I’m sure I’ll be a little nervous but nowhere near petrified like I was!  Thank you for helping me so much….. made such a life changing difference!"