• Mandy Mason

World Well-being Week

Thank goodness we are talking more and more these days about mental health, although I do speak to so many clients who tell me they feel ashamed or embarrassed that they have had to contact me. That they haven't been able to 'cope by themselves', or 'manage without help'. I always ask, what do you do when you think you might have a chest infection, or you have really bad toothache? You go to the Doctor, or the Dentist, yes? Without beating yourself up or feeling that you have somehow failed.

Our mental and emotional health is just as important as our physical health, in fact there is bags of scientific evidence that mental or emotional ill-health can cause or contribute to physical ill-health.

So if you feel you could do with a reboot, or use some resilience building, have that counselling, that hypnotherapy, take those mindfulness classes, whatever you think will work for you, and feel proud that you are so proactive and taking care of your whole self!

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